Baseball Pinback Buttons

Welcome to Baseball Pinback Buttons! I got the idea for this blog from my passionate interest in sports-related pinback buttons, especially baseball. There is often an element of ambiguity, if not mystery, in collecting baseball pinback buttons. Such is part of the lore of collecting them. Unlike cards, most pinback buttons were not issued in sets. And unlike stamps and coins, there are no spaces or holes to be filled in an album. Pinback buttons turn up in the hobby after spending years squirreled away in a desk drawer or shoe box. Discovering their existence adds to the joy of collecting. Learning more about a pin can be as enjoyable as adding it to your collection. The pinback collector has to accept the frustration of not knowing a pin’s history. The purpose of this blog is to share information about baseball pinback buttons as a basis to increase our understanding of them. Beware the person who frequently states definitive answers to the identity of baseball pinback buttons. I have been collecting for over 50 years and I still have much to learn. Through this blog I will share what I know with fellow collectors.
I will post at least one or two columns per month. There will be no particular order to the columns. Some will be on individual pins, others on several related pins, and others on pins in sets. The sole criterion is the pins have an interesting story to tell. I will archive the columns. Occasionally I will write a column on pinback buttons from a sport other than baseball. I hope you enjoy the blog.
First up: The Luxello Cigar Pins


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