1929 Chicago Cubs Certified Ice Cream Pins

The 1929 Chicago Cubs/Certified Ice Cream Pins

The 1929 Chicago Cubs were featured in three team pins. The first is an oval, and pictures the team members in a group shot. The other two are 3″ in diameter and feature individual head shots. These two pins were elegantly designed and richly crafted. Furthermore, one is a derivative of the other, and both spawned pins (1″) of individual players.

The original pin promoted a local business, the Certified Ice Cream Company. Historical business records indicate the company was located at 1638 Gerard Avenue in Chicago. The pin shows 21 head shots in the pattern of a baseball, along with the words, “Compliments of Certified Ice Cream Co.” It is not known how, why, or where these pins were distributed to the public. It is unknown why the Certified Ice Cream Company elected to promote their company through the pins for the 1929 season. Five stars of the 1929 Chicago Cubs team were selected for presentation on individual pins: Bush, Cuyler, Hornsby, Stephenson, and Wilson. These pins feature the same head shot of the player presented on the team pin. However, unlike the team pin made of celluloid, these individual player pins were lithographs.

Certified large 054

The inscription on the individual player pins is “Certified’s Ice Cream Sold at Wrigley Field.” It is not known why the possessive (“Certified’s”) was on the individual player pins while the singular (“Certified”) was used on the team pin. Perhaps the individual player pins were distributed over the course of the 1929 season at Wrigley Field, while the team pin was distributed in some other fashion.

Certified small055

The second team pin was issued very late in the 1929 season or after the World Series. The pin was made by excising the inscription pertaining to the Certified Ice Cream Company and replacing it with “Souvenir Chicago Cubs 1929 Champions.” A careful inspection of the pin reveals where the cuts were made in the original paper, permitting insertion of the new inscription. The Cubs easily won the National League pennant (by 10.5 games) and were scheduled to play four of the World Series games at Wrigley Field. The pin was likely sold as a souvenir at Wrigley Field during the 1929 World Series, or during the following season.

Certified large WS053

Likewise, individual player pins were also created to celebrate the Cubs winning the National League pennant. However, because lithograph pins involve the direct application of ink to metal, unlike with the celluloid team pin, the individual player pins could not be converted from the original ice cream pins. The player’s image remained as before, but the inscription was changed. The new inscription read, “Souvenir Chicago Cubs 1929 World Series.”

Certified small WS052

The two respective sets of pins differ in scarcity, but not uniformly. The 3″ Certified Ice Cream team pin is much more scarce than its 1929 World Series counterpart. The reverse holds true for the individual player pins. The individual player ice cream pins are scarce, but they do enter the market (individually or collectively) on a sporadic basis. However, the individual player World Series pins are extremely rare. I have only seen two or three of the five. Completing both sets of six pins each would be a spectacular accomplishment for the advanced collector.

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8 thoughts on “1929 Chicago Cubs Certified Ice Cream Pins

  1. I have 4 of the 5 individual player pins but have never even seen the Bush pin other than it’s World’s Series counterpart. The Kiki Cuyler is actually the one that got me started collecting pins. I saw it at a military collectibles shop and for $40 dollars at the time, I passed on it. I changed my mind, went back a few days later to find that it had sold. About a year later, the person who bought it was selling it at a mall show for $60. He made 20 bucks but I was really glad to have it.

  2. I have seen all five of the Certified Individuals on a WS counterpart. Of this 12 pin “set”, I have 7, and doubt I will ever complete it.

  3. Late Nov., early Dec. 2012, I was at my parents (They’re in they’re 70’s) house in NE Illinois, my Mom has a shoe box full of old pins of all kinds, that she digs out of her closet for the first time since probably the 1960’s. Low and behold, found in this Box, in MINT condition, untouched by human hands in God only knows how long, a 1929 Chicago Cubs Certified Ice Cream 3″ Pin. I’m not a sports memorabilia collector by any means, but I knew the second I saw it and picked it up, it was old, rare, and valuable. Wonder what it’s worth??

    • This pin rarely is seen. I think the last time it came up at auction it sold for around $2,500, maybe a little higher. The pin is older than your parents. A family heirloom to be sure. Thanks for writing.

    • J.R.
      Any chance you (or your parents) would be willing to sell the 3″ Certified Ice Cream pin? Also, any other Cubs pin in that box?

  4. I have three chicago pins that I bought at an antique shop many years ago two certified ice cream pins and on that says souvenir 1929 cubc in center of baseball sides say world series either side of baseball pin all in gem mint as I am a die hard cub these pins are not for sale…I have one other great cub world series item again not for sale its a mini pennat that says world champion cubs with a small bear stick pin on it I bought this in an antique shop now gone ..with the 1907 cubs world series score book

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