Any Help (Part 1)?

Any Help (Part 1)?

As I have often said, there is an element of mystery or uncertainty to many baseball pinback buttons.   Sometimes we come across a pin that is completely baffling.  Here is one that has me stumped.


I got it on eBay from a seller near Syracuse, NY.  It is a big pin, 4” in diameter, no maker’s mark, and very well made.  It seems to celebrate a team that won a championship four consecutive years, 1946 – 1949, apparently lost in 1950 (“Hitting .800”), and encourages the team to win again in 1951 (“Just groove us one in ‘51”).  The pin references “Reavis’ Rebels.”  I don’t know if Reavis is the name of the team or the name of the person (presumably the coach/manager) pictured.  The apostrophe is confusing, suggesting Reavis might not be a team name.  We would say the “Dallas Cowboys” not the “Dallas’ Cowboys.”  I have read descriptions of teams that were referenced through the name of the manager, as for example, “Mack’s Athletics” or “McGraw’s Giants.”  So either Mr. Reavis is coach of the Rebels, or there is a team, the Reavis Rebels.

The list of possible sources of this pin seems short.  I did a computer search and came up with nothing of value.  I think this is a high school pin, or possibly some minor league pin.  I think the latter is doubtful, but the former isn’t very plausible either.  Most high school baseball pins are generic team names, and to signify baseball, there would be a bat or ball hanging as a dangle.  Whoever commissioned this pin made a non-trivial financial investment in “Reavis’ Rebels.”  Any help in identifying this pin would be appreciated.


Next Up:  Pins of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers


One thought on “Any Help (Part 1)?

  1. Let’s see, Reavis, IL high school did not open until 1950, there are 3 Reavis’s in the Minor League database and two of them played in the negro leagues…the third was not born until 1954. Ole Miss Rebels rebels won the SEC championship in two of the years listed above, but their coach was not named Reavis. How about an industrial league or NBC team? That would be my guess.

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