Pins of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers

Pins of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers

Sometimes we encounter baseball pinback buttons that were made for no apparent reason.  Trying to establish their identity is part of the fun of collecting them.  Alternatively, sometimes a very significant event in baseball occurred, and you would think many pins would have been made celebrating the event.  The Brooklyn Dodgers lost the World Series seven times (1916, 1920, 1941, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953) before they finally won it in 1955.  If any team winning the World Series should have produced many pins, the 1955 Dodgers would be a prime example.  However, such is not the case at all.

The first pin is unambiguous.  Although undated, it references Brooklyn’s only World Series championship.  It is a 1.25” pin in the classic design from pins ranging from the 1930s to 1950s.  If the pin exists in the corresponding 1.75” size, I have never seen it.  In fact, the larger size is more typical for World Series pins featuring this design.


The second pin is a generic team pin whose relevance to the 1955 World Series championship is evidenced by the ribbon.  It was seemingly made at the start of the 1956 World Series, won by the Yankees.


The third pin looks like it references the World Series champions of 1955 because of the crown on top of the ball.  For many years Loeser’s was a popular department store in Brooklyn.  But the store announced in early 1952 that it was closing, so the pin was most likely issued for one of the National League champion teams of the 1940s.


The fourth pin is frequently cited as a Dodger pin from the 1955 World Series.  Although some people hold a different opinion of this pin, I think it is a fantasy.  I believe it was made after the Dodgers left Brooklyn, as a nostalgic reminder of their one World Series championship. Most specimens of this pin exhibit uncharacteristically low quality. Whoever made the pin also wasn’t all that knowledgeable of the Brooklyn Dodgers, as “Ebbetts” is a misspelling.


The final pin has unambiguous meaning.  This 3.00” pin also makes unusual use of color.  The Dodgers dropped the image of the bum after they moved to Los Angeles.


So, if we exclude the Loeser’s pin as being from the 1940s, the fantasy pin, and the generic pin with the ribbon referencing the 1956 World Series, the number of known pins actually celebrating the 1955 World Series champion Brooklyn Dodgers is only two.  I would have thought there would be more.  Perhaps over time others may turn up in the hobby, but I doubt it.

Next up:  Pins Saying Goodbye to a Franchise


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