Pins of The 1941 World Series

Pins of the 1941 World Series

1941 was a special year in baseball.  Joe DiMaggio had a 56-game hitting streak.  Ted Williams batted over .400, the last player to do so.  The New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers would meet for their first of seven World Series contests.  In October 1941 World War II was being fought in Europe.  It would be another two months before the United States entered the war.  The pins from the 1941 World Series are most distinctive.

Two 1.75” pins were made with an unusual shade of light purple.  One pin may be the first to refer to the opponent Dodgers as the “bums.”

Beat the Bums

The second pin is a historical time capsule.  The Yankees are referred to as “city.”  The Dodgers were in Brooklyn, the Yankees in the Bronx, and the Giants were in Manhattan.  While there was inter-borough rivalry, it seems rather cheeky to suggest all of New York City be enjoined to root against the team from Brooklyn.   1941 was long before the concept of political correctness, but not before the concept of poor taste.  The pin states “Blitzkrieg Brooklyn,” an obvious reference to what Germany was doing to England at this time in the war.  The German blitzkrieg (“lightning war”) bombardment resulted in the deaths of thousands, mostly civilians.


The next two 1.75” pins are a matched pair with a simple and elegant design.  As I described in a previous column on overprints and overlays, I initially thought these pins were from 1947, but I now believe they are from 1941.

1941 Brook pennant

yankees pennant

The next two pins are a most bizarre matched pair.  These 1.25” pins can be thought of as a “before and after.”  Typographical errors in pins are not extremely rare, but omitting the final letter in a word is a strange mistake.  In fact, this particular form of typographical error may be unique to this pin.


The second pin spells the word “champion” correctly.

champion fox

Another 1.25” pin refers to the Dodgers as “Champions,” their first National League championship since 1920.


This 3.50” pin is a larger version of its 1.25” counterpart, but with a graceful blue border.

Big bums

Finally, this tiny pin is still on its original card.  The clasp-back pin has ”New York Yankees” around the edge, with the word “Official” in the center, made of what appears to be enamel or plastic.  Attached by a thin chain is a metal “41.”  I don’t know the meaning of “Official.”  It may be World Series related, or perhaps not.


Next up:  Pins of the Dempsey-Tunney Heavyweight Title Fights


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